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Port of loading & Price ExW : Saint Petersburg, Russia. 

White or white with cream shade color. Ash content, calculated on the dry matter, is not more than 0.55%. Whiteness, standard units, is not less than 54 units. Gluten, %, is not less than 28%. Falling number (FN), s, is not less than 200 s.


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Flour for biscuit rolls is distinguished by increased Gluten Deformation Index, from 80 units for manufacture of well extensible, plastic, light dough. The end product from such dough turns out to be gentle, but at the same time dense in texture without cracks and lumps.

Flour for elite bread is distinguished by the improved rheological indicators for plastic dough and good volume of the end products.

Flour for croissants is distinguished by high content of gluten, good rheological performance, stability above average from 14 minutes. The number of layers in the dough preparation should be more than 36. The end products are rich, have volume, they do not form cracks, qualities of the fresh product are preserved for a long time.

Flour for wa es is distinguished by low content of gluten with a high Gluten Deformation Index, from 75 units, as well as good elasticity with a small force of flour on the alveograph. The end product is even without cracks and creases with good color. It is possible to obtain the flour from grain with an increased Gluten Deformation Index or with the use of the enzyme L-Cysteine or the Protease enzyme that breaks down protein, gluten becomes more extensible, loses its elasticity. It is found in all animal and plant tissues.


Flour for pelmeni (dumplings) is distinguished by a limited indicator of Gluten Deformation Index for the best consistency of the dough while maintaining the dough stability after freezing.

Rye bread elite flour is distinguished by the limited quality parameters (FN no more than 185 s), with the improved rheological indicators. The end products are distinguished by good volume, even texture, golden brown color of the crust. For the flour production the rye with improved quality indicators is selected.

White rye flour is the so-called supreme quality. It is prepared from the most nutrient cells that envelop the germ of the grain. Since it is already clear from the name that the flour is sifted, there are practically no cereal shells in it. It is used for preparation of various types of bread and bakery products. You can cook diferent pastries, for example, pies, cookies, rolls, etc. using this flour.

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