Terms of Use

Section 1. Definitions


Agreement - this Agreement concluded with the Operator of the B2B e-commerce Trading Platform on the terms of the RuNiTrade offer granting the right to use the services and provide services related to the commercial transactions on the Trading Platform.

RuNiTrade Trading Platform - RuNiTrade electronic resource located on the Internet at http://ng.runitrade.com. Trading Platform is a software-hardware complex, which helps to search for and place the products, conduct trade transactions electronically.

Trading Platform Operator – CAPSAMP GLOBAL VENTURES LTD (TIN 18991911, location: 2 Wale Laoye str., off Polytechnic road, Ibadan, Oyo State).

Goods - any commodity or product offered in an advertisement by the Client through the RuNiTrade.

Trading Platform Visitor - any Internet user viewing open information placed on the Trading Platform, who does not have an agreement with the Operator.

Trading Platform Client (Client) - a legal entity, a branch of a legal entity, or a sole proprietor that has registered and placed company information on the Trading Platform.

Seller - a Client that places advertisements offering deal on Goods for sale at the RuNiTrade.

Buyer - a Customer or a Visitor of the Trading Platform that browses through the advertisements posted by a Seller and interacts with the Seller about the Goods.

Registration on the Trading Platform - a series of steps for the Client, which result in the placement of Client’s information on the Trading Platform in accordance with the requirements established on the RuNiTrade during registration procedures, in order to create a personal account and gain access to various RuNiTrade services.

Advertisement - an informational message with a selling offer (including contact information, photos, and any related information) placed on the RuNiTrade by a Client and addressed to the general public.

Services - functionalities, support, service, tools available to Clients on RuNiTrade.

Login Information - a unique username (e-mail address) and password generated by the Client during registration at RuNiTrade or changed by the Client in the future via My Account or by any other method specified by RuNiTrade, and used to access “My Account” after Client's authorization on RuNiTrade.


My Account - Client's personal profile on RuNiTrade linked with the Client's account, where the Client can manage its RuNiTrade individual services, order such services, add/delete services on the conditions stipulated by RuNiTrade.

Subscription Fee - money paid to the Operator’s account for posting information about Client’s products by the Client-Seller.

 Client’s Virtual Account - analytical account created upon Client’s registration in electronic form at the Operator’s site to be displayed in My Account, which shows such operations as cash flow, their blocking/unblocking, as well as various kinds of write-offs.

Guaranteeing Partner – CAPSAMP GLOBAL VENTURES LTD (TIN 18991911, location: 2 Wale Laoye str., off Polytechnic road, Ibadan, Oyo State).

 – a company on whose behalf all transactions for the supply of goods with Sellers and Customers are made.

Section 2. Subject of the Agreement, Registration and Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

2.1. This Agreement governs the relationships between CAPSAMP GLOBAL VENTURES LTD (RuNiTrade) and the Client arising from the use of services at the ng.runitrade.com website (RuNiTrade) on terms and conditions specified herein.

2.2. This Agreement shall constitute an offer to all Clients-Suppliers for the use of the Trading Platform services of publishing information about their goods, finding buyers, conducting commercial transactions, as well as the use of additional services provided by the Operator or its partners.

2.3. This Agreement sets out the procedure for access, registration and use of the RuNiTrade electronic Trading Platform services located at ng.runitrade.com.

2.4. The Client shall perform the following actions in order to ассеpt this Agreement:

2.4.1. Read the terms and conditions of this Agreement and all annexes hereto;

2.4.2. Fill out the registration form providing reliable and relevant information at http:https://ng.runitrade.com/join-form/;

2.4.3. Tick the "I accept" box and click "Next";

2.4.4. An information message will be sent to your e-mail that you had provided during registration. Click the link on RuNiTrade website to activate the account.

2.5. Your registration at RuNiTrade website will be completed and the terms and conditions of this Agreement will become binding the moment you activate My Account.

ATTENTION! Please do not register at the http://ng.runitrade.com website or use its services if you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

2.6. By accepting this Agreement in accordance with clause 2.4 hereof, the Client  confirms that:

2.6.1. The Client has read the terms and conditions of this Agreement and other documents specified herein that are compulsory for the Parties in full prior to their acceptance.

2.6.2. The Client has a proper authority and is legally capable to carry a binding legal obligation for any liability that may arise from the Client’s use of the Trading Platform.

2.6.3. The Client accepts and undertakes to comply with all terms and conditions of this Agreement and other documents specified herein that are compulsory for the Parties in full without any exceptions and limitations.

2.7. The Operator shall publish the terms and conditions of this Agreement at the Internet website http://ng.runitrade.com.

2.8. The Operator shall provide services to registered Clients only in compliance with this Agreement.

2.9. The Operator reserves the right to change any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement by publishing a new edition at ng.runitrade.com website. The new version of this Agreement will be effective immediately upon posting and shall apply to all persons, including those who accepted the Agreement before the date of entry into force of the amendments (addendums), unless a transaction was in process at the date such changes come into force. The Client’s continued use of the RuNiTrade services will constitute its acceptance of the amended terms and conditions.

2.10. The Client shall be solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of its login and password and for all activities that occur under these login and password.

2.11. The Client hereby undertakes to notify the Operator immediately of any unauthorized use of its login and password or any other breach of security.

2.12. The Client acknowledges that the transfer of login account information to others, or permission to use its personal account information by a number of users within or outside its company (multiple use) can cause irreparable damage to the Operator or other RuNiTrade users.

2.13. The Client agrees to reimburse RuNiTrade, its affiliates, officers, employees, agents and representatives for any losses or damages (including without limitation, lost profits) incurred as a result of multiple use of the Client's login account.

2.14. The Client hereby agrees and confirms that the Operator or its affiliates shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from Client’s failure to comply with the terms and conditions of this section of the Agreement.

2.15. The Client agrees that the Operator has the right to block or delete the login account without the Client’s consent in the event of Client’s non-compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


Section 3. Trading Platform Working Hours


3.1. RuNiTrade Electronic Trading Platform works in continuous mode (24 hours a day, seven days a week), except during scheduled maintenance works and unscheduled technical breaks.

3.2. The Operator shall notify its Clients about the time and date of the scheduled maintenance works during when all activities on the Trading Platform will be stopped by e-mail no later than 2 (two) days before such maintenance works start.

3.3. In the event of an unforeseen inability to access the Trading Platform, the Operator shall sent a notification to the Client’s e-mail provided at registration with description of the circumstances that have caused the inability to work on the RuNiTrade platform or its part, date and time the access to the Trading Platform was terminated, the estimated date and time the access to the Trading Platform will be resumed.

3.4. In case of any incidents related to inability to access the Trading Platform, the Client or User may contact the RuNiTrade Technical Support Service by multichannel phone 8 800 200 3789, or by e-mail: support@runitrade.com.

3.5. RuNiTrade technical support for Clients and Users is carried 9:00 am through 6:00 pm local time, Monday through Friday.

Section 4. Client-Seller Protection Program

4.1. The RuNiTrade Operator together with a Guaranteeing Partner shall ensure an unprecedented protection program of the Client-Seller and all supply contracts published on the electronic platform on the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

4.2. When determining the price of its products on the Trading Platform, the Client-Seller shall add additional 5% to the amount that it expects to receive from a trade transaction.

4.3. An agreement for the supply of goods shall be concluded between the Client-Seller and the Guaranteeing Partner CAPSAMP GLOBAL VENTURES LTD., as well as between the Client-Buyer and CAPSAMP GLOBAL VENTURES LTD under the terms and conditions of the relevant agreements placed on the Trading Platform after reaching an agreement with a Buyer as to the price, quality, quantity and delivery terms.

4.4. After the Buyer's fulfills its payment obligations, the Client-Seller shall agree to receive the total value of the delivered goods minus 5% of the total delivery cost.

4.5. The Client-Seller shall be entitled to use the transport logistics services, surveying services, and any other services provided by the Operator or its partners based on individual contracts.



Section 5. Acceptable Use Policy

5.1. The Client-Seller guarantees and acknowledges that:

5.1.1. The Client-Seller will use RuNiTrade and its Services only for the purpose of doing business, and the address the Client had provided during registration is the main location of the company.

5.1.2. The Client-Seller will provide information about its products on the terms and conditions of this Agreement in good faith and in full compliance with the Russian legislation and international laws.

5.1.3. The Client-Seller will maintain and promptly modify all the information and data that it had previously posted at RuNiTrade in order to keep it true, accurate, current, and complete.

5.1.4. The Client-Seller will use RuNiTrade only for lawful purposes, and will not use RuNiTrade for any speculative, false or fraudulent offers, regardless of the anticipated demand.

5.1.5. The Client-Seller will not use RuNiTrade for any illegal or inappropriate purposes, including sending spam or phishing, spoofing, traffic analysis, deception, fraud, forgery, illegal electronic access, hacking and clogging the system, including the use of viruses, self-replication programs, and other programs that may cause undue damage or malicious access to and/or retrieval of information.

5.1.6. The Client-Seller is a legal owner of the goods and has all necessary permits for the sale, distribution or export of the goods placed on the RuNiTrade, and these products do not violate the rights of any third party.

5.1.7. The Client-Seller does not have a right to publish information about the products that are banned or restricted by federal, state, or local law in any country or jurisdiction.

5.1.8. The Client-Seller will be solely responsible for all content posted at the RuNiTrade website during registration or at any other time during its use of the RuNiTrade services.

5.1.9. The Client-Seller has all rights, including copyright, or has received all necessary copyrights or licenses, and permits for trade mark in relation to information provided by the Client-Seller. The Client-Seller shall be solely responsible for ensuring that all materials and information published at the RuNiTrade website or permitted for publication by the RuNiTrade website through the use of its Services do not violate any copyright, trademark rights, trade secret or any other personal or proprietary rights of any third parties, or the fact that they are published with the permission of the owner(s) of those rights.

5.1.10. The Client-Seller shall have the right to run its blog at the RuNiTrade website for advertising its company, publishing the news about the company and other informational messages.

5.1.11. When using and placing the information in the blog it is strictly prohibited to make statements relating to social, national, tribal, racial or religious enmity or discord, to insult national honor and dignity or religious feelings of citizens of all countries and religions, to promulgate exclusivity, superiority or inferiority of citizens on grounds of their attitude to religion, social class, national, ethnic or racial origin, to call for extremist activity, and aggressive war.

5.1.12. The Client-Seller agrees that the Operator shall be entitled to carry out verification of the information about its business and commercial reputation, trustworthiness, and integrity at any time after Client’s registration.

5.1.13. The Client-seller consents to the processing of its personal data by the Operator and agrees that all the information, including the information specified by the Client during registration, would be available for use by any third party.

5.1.14. The Client-Seller agrees to free the Operator, its employees, agents, and representatives from any liability (including material) and hold them harmless from and against any potential losses, claims, demands, actions, prosecutions, all kinds of liabilities, costs (including legal costs), costs and damages (including actual, incidental, consequential damages and special damages) of any type or nature which may result from the use of Trading Platforms by the Client or Client’s breach of any provision of this Agreement.

5.1.15. The Client acknowledges and agrees that the Operator is not required to actively monitor or exercise any editorial control over the content of any messages, data, or information created, received, or made available at the RuNiTrade Services.

5.1.16. The Client agrees that it is solely responsible for the content of its messages and can be held legally liable for the content of its comments, other data or information.

5.1.17. The Client acknowledges and agrees that it is its personal responsibility to review the applicable laws and current regulations in their respective jurisdictions in order to ensure that the use of the RuNiTrade by the Client complies with all such laws and regulations.

5.1.18. The Client also agrees that the Operator shall have no liability and obligation to the Client for any materials posted by the Client personally or by third parties, including defamatory, offensive or illegal material.

5.1.19. The Client-Seller has the right to refuse to use RuNiTrade services at any time. However, RuNiTrade will not refund subscription fees paid by the Client-Seller for posting information about the product.

5.1.20. The Client-Seller agrees that the Operator will only be liable for the obligations clearly set out in this Agreement.

Section 6. Limitation of Liability

6.1. The Operator granting the Client access services to the RuNiTrade website shall provide:

6.1.1. The Trading Platform efficiency and functioning is in accordance with the procedure established by the Nigerian laws and this Agreement;

6.1.2. Continuous access to the Trading Platform, the reliability of the software and hardware used for commercial transactions, equal access for all Clients using the RuNiTrade services;

6.1.3. Round-the-clock access to the use of electronic documents on the Trading Platform in accordance with the current legislation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and this Agreement;

6.1.4. Effective client and technical support in case of problems and issues associated with the use of the RuNiTrade services.

6.1.5. The publication about a product is carried out at the website in real time after the subscription fee for the placement of information about the product is received from the Client-Seller in accordance with the selected tariff, except for the publication of the product placed on the banner. The publication period in this case is 1 (one) business day.

6.1.6. The Operator makes no warranty as to the accuracy, reliability, quality, stability, completeness or timeliness of any information posted by the Client, which shall be fully responsible for all the consequences arising from its publications or other actions carried out when using the RuNiTrade website.

6.1.7. The Operator does not guarantee that the manufacture, import, export, distribution, offer, display, purchase, sale and/or use of the products or services offered or displayed at the RuNiTrade, do not violate any rights of any third parties.

6.1.8. Any data downloaded or otherwise obtained through the platform are created in the sole discretion of each Client, and each Client shall be fully responsible for any damage to its computer system or loss of data at the RuNiTrade website, which may be caused by downloading any such data. No information or advice, whether oral or written, obtained by the Client from the Operator, shall create any warranty not expressly stated herein.

6.1.9. The Operator shall have the right but is not obliged to maintain, inspect, or otherwise certify the contents of any comments or other data or information made by any Client at the RuNiTrade website.

6.1.10. The Operator reserves the right to take any measures including limit, deny access to RuNiTrade website, suspend or terminate the account operation, remove any part or all of the Client’s information as it deems necessary or appropriate, if the Operator, in its sole discretion, believes that it violates or may violate the terms of this Agreement, any applicable law, regulation or order governing the activities of the network and/or Internet companies, which it may reasonably believe to be illegal and likely to entail the Operator’s responsibility.

6.1.11. The Operator shall have the right to check the information about the Client's business and commercial reputation, trustworthiness and integrity, as well as any information posted by the Client at the RuNiTrade website in its sole discretion and at any time after the Client’s registration.

6.1.12. Under no circumstances shall the Operator be liable for any delay, malfunction or failure of the Trading Platform, caused directly or indirectly by natural disasters, force majeure or causes beyond reasonable control, including the Internet failures, computer failures, telecommunications failures and other equipment failures, power supply disruptions, strikes, labor disputes, riots, insurrections, civil disturbances, shortages of labor or material resources, fires, floods, storms, explosions, acts of God, wars, government decrees, decisions of national and international courts and tribunals or non-performance of third parties.

6.1.13. The Operator shall have the right to impose limits, suspend or discontinue the use of the RuNiTrade Trading Platform and its services by the Client at any time and in its sole discretion without being liable to the Client if the Operator receives a notice from a third party about the Client’s violation of any agreement or commitment with any Operator’s affiliated person, and such violation involves or is reasonably suspected of involving dishonest or fraudulent acts.

6.1.14. The Operator reserves the right to publish the records of any violations committed by the Client when using RuNiTrade Trading Platform, but is not obliged to investigate such violations and seek confirmation from the Client.

6.1.15. Except for cases where any liability cannot be excluded or limited by law, the Operator shall not be held liable for any special, direct, indirect, punitive, incidental or consequential damages or any other damages (including damages for loss of profits or savings, production stoppage, loss of data) regardless of the existence of a notice about a possibility of occurrence of such damage and in spite of the form of activity, as a result of a contract, negligence, tort or any other cause, or any other damages that occur as a result of: the use or inability to use the RuNiTrade services; unauthorized access to the transmission of information or data or their alteration.

6.1.16. Limitation and exclusion of responsibility to the Client shall apply in accordance with this Agreement to the maximum extent permitted by law and is applied regardless of whether the Client is warned by the Operator or should have known about the possibility of such damages.

Chapter 7. Using the Service

7.1. The Client-Supplier shall pay a fee to the Operator for placing information about its products in accordance with the fee schedule in effect on the date of payment in Nigerian Naira. Payment shall be according to the choice of the Client-Supplier which can be made any time after registration and placement of product/s or on receipt of a buying request from a buyer registered in the system.

7.2. The funds shall be transferred to the Operator by a bank transfer to the bank account specified below. 


TIN: 18991911

RC N: 944450

A/C Number: 2017694841



or by a credit card payment at the electronic platform via the user account.

7.3. The Operator shall draw up an Act for Services Rendered at the end of the period, which shall be sent to the Client-Seller’s e-mail address specified upon registration. The Client-Seller shall send a signed Act for Services Rendered to the Operator's e-mail address specified finance@runitrade.com (Indicating in the subject line "Documents (the name of the client company").

7.4. Prices of goods and services shall be in Nigerian Naira.

7.5. All payments for subscription services with Client-Suppliers-residents of the Federal Republic of Nigeria shall be made in Nigerian Naira.

7.6. All payments for the supply of goods, logistics transportation services, surveying and other services are carried out in the manner prescribed in the relevant agreements.

Section 8. Privacy Policy

8.1. The Operator carries out the processing of the Client’s information, including its personal data, in order to fulfill the Operator’s obligations to the Client for the use of the Trading Platform.

8.2. The Operator shall recognize the importance of privacy of personal information provided by the Client.

8.3. Personal data that are permitted for processing under this Agreement shall be provided by the Client by filling out the registration form at the Operator’s RuNiTrade website and shall include the following information:

8.4. Name of the company, company location country, TIN (Tax Identification Number), name of the person in the company responsible for the work at the platform, telephone number, company address, e-mail and other data required in the registration form.

8.5. The Operator does not collect any personal data or any other personal information unless the Client agrees to provide such information through the Trading Platform by sending its personal data to the Trading Platform Operator or transmitting its personal data by other means.

8.6. The Client agrees to have its personal data processed by the Operator for the purposes of ordering services, paying for services, answering questions, applications, letters addressed through a Trading Platform, providing information about Client’s services, discounts and promotions, or for any other purpose the Client wants to achieve by sending its personal data to the Operator.

8.7. During registration, the Client agrees to receive e-mails notifying it about the technical work on the electronic platform and system notifications, as well as news and information of marketing character to the Client’s e-mail address provided upon registration.

8.8. The processing of personal data by the Operator is carried out on the basis of the principles of legality of objectives and methods of processing of personal data, and integrity.

8.9. The Client’s personal data are available to third parties, except for his login and password.

8.10. The Operator shall take all possible technical, organizational and legal measures to ensure the protection of the Client's account from misuse or other unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, destruction, blocking, copying, dissemination, and any other illegal actions of third parties.

Section 9. Intellectual Property Rights

9.1. CAPSAMP GLOBAL VENTURES LTD  is the sole owner and lawful licensee of all rights and interests in the RuNiTrade Trading Platform, including, but not limited to domain name, logo at RuNiTrade website, trademark, database, and all the technical developments that allow for use of the website.

9.2. All rights stated in accordance with this Agreement are protected by copyright laws, trademark laws and other laws of ownership. Unauthorized copying, modification, use or publication of these trademarks is strictly prohibited.

Section 10. Final provisions.

10.1. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Nigerian legislation. Issues not regulated by this Agreement shall be settled in accordance with the Nigerian legislation. All possible disputes arising from relationships governed by this Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria according to the norms of the Nigerian law.

10.2. If one or more provisions of this Agreement are deemed invalid or void by law or by a court of law for any reason, it shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions of this Agreement.

10.3. The Operator shall have a right to transfer its obligations under this Agreement (including all its rights, titles, benefits, interests and obligations and responsibilities specified herein) at any time without the consent to any person or entity, including any Operator’s affiliate.

10.4. All disputes under this or in connection with Agreement shall be settled by negotiations between the Parties. If a disputable situation will not be resolved by negotiations, all disputes under this or in connection with Agreement are subject to judicial review in accordance with the procedural law of the Russian Federation at the Operator’s location.

10.5. The titles of the sections in this Agreement are for reference purposes only and in no way define, limit, construe or describe the scope or extent of the sections.




This site supports 256-bit encryption. Confidentiality of the transmitted personal information is provided by Sberbank of Russia. The entered information will not be provided to third parties except as required by law of the Russian Federation. Making payments with bank cards performs in strict accordance with the requirements of payment systems Visa Int. and MasterCard Europe Sprl