Russian lighting engineers will launch a plant in Nigeria

According to the company's press service, the creation of lighting production in the territory of the African state became the main topic of the meeting between Lisma’s CEO, Igor Konstantinov and the executive governor of Enugu state, Lawrence Ifeani Ugwuani, which took place during the visit of the enterprise delegation to Nigeria.

“We guarantee full support,” said the governor of the largest Nigerian state. - We have all the lighting equipment imported: lamps are imported from China, India, and England. The appearance of the first lighting production in Nigeria will be an important milestone in the history of the state. These are jobs for the local population, strengthening the economy and improving the welfare of the state. Nigeria is one of the richest countries in Africa, which has both opportunities and a great desire to embark on the path of industrial development.

Lawrence Ugwuani noted that he would be very happy if other companies from Russia follow the example of Lisma. Among the most relevant areas of cooperation, he named cable production, electricity conversion, processing of agricultural produce. He assured that the state authorities are ready to provide land with the necessary infrastructure, provide tax and other economic preferences.

“We consider cooperation with Africa to be a very promising and strategically important area of ​​business development,” said Igor Konstantinov. - The enterprise already has a successfully implemented project on the Continent - last year the joint production of lamps in Burundi was launched.

On the eve of the meeting with the governor, the Lisma leadership had a conversation with potential investors, representatives of business circles and banking structures of Enugu state. The receiving party showed a land plot with the necessary communications allocated for future production. Preliminarily discussed are the production of incandescent lamps, gas discharge lamps and solar-powered lamps. Now the parties are preparing a memorandum in which the terms of cooperation, funding volumes and terms will be agreed. The document is planned to be signed before the end of the visit of the Lisma delegation to Nigeria.

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